Products and Services

Dedicated Internet Connectivity

DSx, OCx, Gig-E, 10GE
No matter what your broadband need is, INOC will support you utilizing our blend of Tier 1 transit providers, extensive peering relationships, and access to popular Content Delivery Networks (CDN).


INOC has two state of the art Carrier Neutral Data Centers located at 80 State Street and 4 Tower Place in Albany, New York. These sites provide server and telecom Colocation services with both AC and DC power options

Consulting Services

INOC has the skills, expertise and experience to provide you with the proper consulting services you need to design, build, and support your network, whether it’s internal to your office or an external network including multiple locations.

IP Transport

INOC offers High-speed IP transport, aggregation, and VPNs through partnerships with 3rd party service providers and their extensive optical networks.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster shouldn’t put you out of business… INOC offers Hot and Cold site disaster recovery. Each plan is specifically designed for your needs.

Server and Application Hosting

Whether you need physical or virtual (OS Agnostic) servers, INOC has shared and dedicated hosting available.

ISP Outsourcing Services

DNS, RADIUS, DHCP, E-Mail, etc...

E-Mail Outsourcing

Hosting, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

Wholesale and Retail RAS

Dial-up, ISDN, xDSL, & WIFI