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What We Do

Leveraging our two Albany, NY based Data Centers and redundantly ringed network through three geographically different points of presence, INOC provides Colocation, Cloud Solutions, Backup & Disaster Recovery and ISP Services to our owner companies and clients.

ISP Services include direct internet access (DIA), private label ISP and backbone bandwidth to regional service providers, along with Colocation, Backup & Disaster Recovery and Cloud solutions. We also provide scalable and highly available core services like E-Mail, Web Hosting, DNS, RADIUS, DHCP and other connectivity/RAS services.

INOC services a broad range of consumer markets ranging from end-users to Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses to Healthcare organizations and Educational Institutions.

We are SSAE 18 SOC 2 audited and offer Business Associate Agreements (BAA) for clients with HIPAA, HITRUST and other Healthcare restrictions.

Through our geographically dispersed points of presence and diverse connections to multiple Tier-1 providers we ensure our clients have a secure, robust and stable internet connection. Utilizing direct peering relationships with Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and a wide range of CDN providers, our customer's network connectivity is as fast as it is robust.

While providing clients access at either location 24/7/365, our use of physical and biometric security ensures our clients assets remain secure and accessible only to approved personnel.

INOC has and continues to be the Capitol Region's leading service provider since 2000.

Client Testimonials

SSAE 18 SOC 2 Audited

Our Data Centers

INOC Data Centers Uptown

4 Tower Place

Uptown Albany, NY

Located just outside the city of Albany.

INOC Data Centers Downtown

80 State Street

Downtown Albany, NY

Located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley.

Why Choose INOC

SSAE 18 SOC 2 Audited

Our data centers are covered by an extremely comprehensive SSAE 18 SOC 2 audit covering every facet of our operations; from staff interactions, policy & procedure for access control and client interaction.

Access to our SSAE 16/18 SOC 2 audit is available upon request. Please contact your account manager or sales representative for audit review inquiries.

Multiple Tier-1 Network Connections

Connected to multiple Tier-1 carriers, at geographically different locations, we ensure resiliency & uptime with our redundant fiber ring.

By utilizing diverse carriers and maintaining peering connections to NYC, our customers experience low network latency and on-net access to the biggest content and CDN providers on the internet.

24/7/365 Monitored Access

All buildings and facilities at our data centers are video monitored and recorded 24/7/365.

All portal access is logged and can be made available to clients for their records or audits upon request.

Biometric and Physical Security

Utilizing biometric and card access, all areas are tightly controlled and fully audited.

We're immediately notified of any issues and Central Station dispatches authorities on site.

Certified & Knowledgeable Staff

We believe in providing our staff with the best tools possible - education and experience. Engineers regularly attend industry specific conventions, networking events and training to ensure we are always prepared for where technology is moving.

Certified by Cisco, our staff maintain an RFC and BCP compliant network with security at the core of it's foundation.

Established & Trusted Business

Established in 2000, our consortium has over 400+ combined years of experience in the telecom, networking and colocation industry.

Providing ISP services for many PSC regulated ILEC's/CLEC's and clientele in the Healthcare, State, Government and Educational industries, we continue to be the provider of choice for ISP, Colocation, Cloud, and Backup & Disaster Recovery needs.