Happy Clients

I was having difficulty with my web hosting company. I had multiple domains being managed at different locations. Now I had multiple cpanels and very poor (and slow) customer service. Nick at INOC became aware of my situation through my posts on social media. I explained my situation, and within three days he and Brian had pulled together everything I had into one secure place. I have simple access to my domains and fully up-to-date tools for managing my web presence. Pricing is extremely fair and reasonable, and staff response time is excellent. I highly recommend INOC.

Scott Sipe - Musician

We moved our hosting business to INOC, easily the best decision we’ve made. Support is fast, courteous and efficient. The team really seems to love what they are doing and that shows in outstanding work they do. Oh, and we’re also saving a ton of money. Better service, better pricing - yup, the best decision we’ve made.

Melissa Ward - Owner - Newward Development LLC

Our company used INOC for 5 years and if it weren’t for a major shift in our company we would still be using them. They made everything easy (even when we had to go) and I always valued their input and guidance in what we needed to do. From day one they took care great care of us. They’re an excellent company with a fantastic team!

Donna Wasilewski - Sundazed Music, Inc.

One of my clients had a database exploited by a zero day flaw and the hacker was requesting a certain amount of Bitcoin. I was able to contact the team at INOC and within 30 minutes we had the database back online and secured, essentially losing nothing. The team at INOC also went as far as to identify what they felt the issue was and what was needed to address the exploit. It’s important to know where your data is and the team behind the company you’re trusting. You don’t get that with many companies out there. Thank you INOC for caring as much about our data as we do!

Robert N - IT Consultant

INOC is great and I highly recommend your services to everyone. Support is always excellent. It’s nice to talk to a Cisco Certified Engineer (CCIE) instead of some first level tech support operator. Over the years I’ve colocated with INOC the staff has always been very quick to help and actually *understood* the issues I was describing. Having access to industry professionals with refined skills in the services being offered gives me the peace of mind knowing my business is in good hands.

Jonathan Chapman - Owner - The Glitch Works

Since 2001, INOC has been an integral partner with the design and deployment of our Core Network and Hosted Services Operations. Their broad consulting expertise and technical acumen has allowed us to pro-actively and economically ensure the highest levels of network performance, availability and security we and our end-customers demand. MIDTEL uses nearly every INOC service offering, and they continuously impress us with their proficiency at every level. With INOC as our trusted partner, we are confidently prepared for the challenges and opportunities our continued success brings.

Rick Nardone - Head of IT - Middleburgh Telephone

INOC has proven to be a critical business partner of ours. They are professional, responsive, and reliable. Their customer service sets a high bar, which we continuously appreciate. We look forward to continuing our relationship with INOC well into the future.

Director of Information Security - Albany, NY

INOC is one of our best vendors. Our sites’ internet access is always available and always meets expectations. INOC’s customer service is also responsive and helpful.

Daniel Rutnik - President - Bender Lane Advisory, LLC

INOC is a trusted partner for data center and cloud services. Our account manager is extremely helpful and responsive. The technical support is excellent and is provided by local engineers. The experience is far and away the best we’ve had with a data center vendor. I highly recommend INOC.

Jeremy Wanamaker - CEO - Complete Network

I just wanted to let INOC know that the Mega Backup solution we installed is working out great. We don’t have to swap tapes around every morning which saves an incredible amount of time. Automatic e-mails, and reporting the fact that its not complex what so ever makes it one of the best decisions we’ve made. INOC’s Mega Backup is the straightforward and robust solution we’ve been looking for. Not to mention the data is housed in one of INOC’s state of the art data centers so we know safety and security is ALWAY’S top notch.

We truly appreciate your help.

George Boothby - CFO - New York Access Billing

INOC has more than exceeded our expectations in terms of both technology and customer service. They are always quick to address our questions and concerns and we view them as a critical partner in delivering the valuable services our customers rely upon. Their network connectivity and redundant power technologies have proven to be exceptional. More importantly, their security features provide us, and our customers, with the security assurances that we need. We look forward to continuing our relationship with INOC well into the future.

Information Security Officer - Albany, NY

We have a large number of remote employees and colocating our equipment in INOC’s facilities enables our people to effectively support our customer base in the event of a service disruption at our main office. Leveraging INOC’s redundant power and network connectivity allows us to provide a highly available disaster recovery service to our client base.

James Jackson - CTO - CommSoft

We relied on INOC’s engineering expertise to assist us in optimizing our hosting network, adding redundancy and increasing performance to better serve our customers. By colocating our equipment in their Data Center, we can rest easy knowing that our customers will always have access to our web applications. INOC’s on-going technical support and dedication to the success of our business has been invaluable.

Peter Moran - President - IC Source

Several years ago, NYSBA moved all our production systems, storage, and telephony into INOC’s Data Center. We’ve never looked back - it was one of the best technology decisions we ever made. The facility is amazing, and the staff are incredible. INOC allows us to provide great member service through best of breed technology without worrying about security or business continuity.

David Adkins - CTO - NYS Bar Association

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with INOC since 2004. Not only does INOC provide professional and reliable service, they build relationships with their clients. You truly feel like INOC is part of your team. They want you to be just as successful as you do. Often times in business the relationship is mostly about business. With INOC, the relationship comes first and that is what truly makes them successful.

Rich Van Etten - CTO - NorDutch Technologies