Why INOC Cloud?

As the business landscape has drastically evolved in the last 8 months, it’s become crystal clear that now, more than ever, it is mission critical to have access to reliable, secure and affordable cloud technology to keep your business moving forward.

Overnight, work-from-home demands were thrown at organizations whether or not they were equipped to accommodate it, were comfortable with it, or even had the infrastructure in place to securely support it.

In the mad dash to get local-only data and services up and running in the cloud, where do you start? Organizations have to dive into the numerous public cloud providers and figure out who’s the best fit and who the can trust with the lifeblood of their business, their data.

Okay, who am I kidding, it was either Microsoft (Azure) or Amazon (AWS), am I right?

Whether you’re already familiar with the cloud or new to virtualization as a whole, the trust you have in your cloud provider is incredibly important and can’t be overlooked; you are after-all trusting them with your data.

First, what is the cloud, essentially?

From a very high level, its connecting users to resources over the public internet or a VPN that are running on someone else’s physical servers. Fundamentally, the cloud is the same no matter what provider, everyone is providing you virtualized servers with the resources you’ve asked for, depending on your business needs. Instead of your mail server sitting in your office closet, it’s now in a data center protected by generators, redundant cooling, robust network connectivity and so on.

So, if all things are fundamentally the same, how do you choose the correct provider?

A decade ago, your choice was pretty much Microsoft or Amazon, the titans of the cloud industry, with smaller niche shops selling VPS services that while good for basic desktop and development purposes, weren’t built on the robust technologies that critical business applications and environments demand. If you wanted that level of service, you were procuring hardware, buying VMware licensing and hiring a VMware tech to run your localized virtual platform.

A decade later, Microsoft and Amazon are still incredible, innovative cloud providers and fit the deployment strategies of hundreds of thousands of organizations, but not all.

Welcome to INOC Cloud by:

But why INOC instead of Microsoft?

The Human Element: While it may be cliché, it’s unfortunate and true. A lot of times larger companies treat you like a number on an invoice. You may remember a time where you had an account manager this month but they’re different the next month and that happened for a few months in a row. Have you ever felt like if needed, the entire company would stop on a dime, just for you?

This is one of the backbones of INOC’s success over the last 20 years and it will never change.

At INOC we know that we’re nothing without you. Each and every one of our clients means just as much as the next whether you pay $5 a month or $50,000 a month, whether you’ve been here for 20 years or you just came aboard yesterday. We understand it’s a privilege to show every client of ours that we’re not “just” a vendor, but an extension of your business and that we are a true partner in your success.

Support: With some of the bigger names out there, how many times have you called or submitted a support ticket only to get an answer that your question is being escalated to a higher level support tier? Now you wait even longer for that process to play out. Sometimes, you may not even have the chance to speak to an actual human, you just get an automated response that may or may not fully answer your question or fix your issue.

At INOC, we understand time is of the essence and can be extremely important when it comes to how serious an issue is. When you call or submit a support ticket, right from the beginning it’s being handled by some of the most knowledgeable and educated technicians in our industry. For example, calls and support tickets can and will be handled by a CCIE Cisco Certified Engineer, one of the highest levels of certification Cisco has in the entire country. Your issues are important to us, no matter how big or small and we put the best of the best in your corner, every time.

Location: The changing climate is having an effect on all parts of the country and natural disasters are occurring more and more. Where you put your data and critical business applications matters more now than ever, especially in the world of the cloud. While no one wants anything bad to happen, businesses need to plan. Upstate NY, where INOC Data Centers is located, just so happens to be very low on any natural disaster list. At least the types of disasters that could potentially shut an enterprise data center down. When you look at statistics, Upstate NY doesn’t get the hurricanes, flooding, wild fires, tornadoes etc that other parts of the country get in the frequency and severity they get them. If Mother Nature is on your mind, INOC Data Centers can help put it at ease.

Hardware: Getting a little technical, INOCs cloud platform is built upon industry leading Cisco Enterprise class compute and networking systems and the core of our virtualization platform is VMware ESX and VMware’s NSX, VSAN technologies. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? That’s OK, we can take care of all of that so you don’t have to.

These are only 4 of the MANY reasons why you and your organization should give INOC cloud a chance. Remote work will forever be ingrained in how we operate, now you just have to find the right company to help you navigate it.

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Written by Nicholas Molik on 2021-01-14 10:00:34