Enterprise Cloud Servers

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Powered by VMware and the VMware Cloud Provider Program, INOC utilizes:

  • ESXi Hypervisor
  • vSAN distributed storage
  • vMotion live migration
  • NSX SDN networking
  • vCloud Director management

Yes. We can import OVF/OVA images.

Our Cloud Servers reside in our Enterprise VMware Cloud platform. All storage is redundant across all nodes (vSAN) permitting compute resources (vCPU, vRAM) to seamlessly transition to a new node (vMotion) to keep services online, should the need arise.

Unlike traditional physical servers that introduce single points of failure, our platform allows for significantly higher uptime and availability.

Each Public Cloud Server will come with a public IPv4 address and, if desired an IPv6 allocation.

Addressing for our Private and Hybrid Cloud environments is determined during the design phase of the project.

Yes. Depending on the request and usage, justification may be required.

INOC abides by all ARIN policies regarding the assignment of addressing.

Your data will reside in one or more of our SSAE 18 SOC 2 audited data centers depending on your needs and strategies.

We offer current/supported operating systems. A client may opt to install or migrate in a deprecated/EOL/EOS operating system if they so choose.

Node density is driven by resource demand and as such varies. As a general rule, nodes are occupied below 45% capacity to ensure sufficient resource availability for HA/vMotion/DRS activities.

Yes. vCloud Director provides an HTML5 interface to manage your server(s).