Network and BGP Information

Blanket rules applied to every INOC client peering session

  • RFC1918 and other reserved networks and subnets are not permitted.
  • Advertisements with reserved AS's in the path. (ie: 64512 - 65535) are not permitted.
  • Prefixes shorter than /8 or longer than /24 are not permitted.
  • Advertisements containing the AS of a network with which we have a non-client peering relationship are not permitted
    (ie: clients are not allowed to advertise transit for Sprint, AT&T, etc).
  • Advertisements tagged with communities not listed below will have all of their communities stripped from them at ingress, and any communities meant to affect localpref, prepending, etc are thus ignored.
  • All client peering sessions are prefix-filtered inbound using a client specified import policy pulled from any known public registry.
  • Localpref will be set to 200 by default, subject to modification based on received communities as outlined below.
  • A hard limit is placed on the number of routes a peer is allowed to announce to us. This number is based on their registered routes plus a bit of extra overhead.

Ingress BGP Communities

  • 22302:1 - Prepend INOC AS One time
  • 22302:2 - Prepend INOC AS Two times
  • 22302:3 - Prepend INOC AS Three times
  • 22302:80 - Set INOC AS local pref to 80 (prefer alternate peering routes)
  • 22302:100 - Set INOC AS local pref to 100 (consider all external paths equal)
  • 22302:120 - Set INOC as local pref to 120 (prefer other other directly connected peers)
  • 22302:200 - Default local preference 200
  • 22302:777 - Set local pref to ALL transit providers lower than peers
  • 22302:880 - Blackhole route within INOC/AS22302
  • 22302:888 - Blackhole route within INOC and propagate to known transit communities
  • 22302:900 - Do not advertise to any transit provider
  • 22302:901 - Do not advertise to any peer